First Class Flooring has carpet to meet everyone’s need

Let’s discuss the different types of carpet available at First Class Flooring to ensure your choice of style is appropriate for its use. We will discuss the carpet fibers and pile available.

Carpet fibers

Various natural and synthetic fibers are used in carpet construction. The most common carpet flooring fibers are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool. Three-fourths of all manufactured carpet is nylon. It is the most popular carpet fiber because of its softness, durability, and stain resistance.

Polyester fibers are prized because they hold dramatic, vibrant color that fades very little over time. Polyester carpet fibers are non-allergenic. Other material is crafted from plastic bottles that have been recycled. The process makes polyester environmentally friendly. Polypropylene is nearly as soft as nylon. These fibers are resistant to shedding, mildew, and stain. Polypropylene is extremely resilient.

The softest carpet fiber is wool. It is a luxurious, natural, long lasting material. Low-grade wool is susceptible to stains. Unfortunately, high-grade wool is very expensive. Manufacturers sometimes combine synthetic and wool fibers to create a carpet that has the benefits of both.

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Carpet pile

Looping yarn through a backing in a movement similar to sewing on a button is how carpet is made. The loops are either cut at a variety of angles or left intact. The loop treatment is referred to as the pile of the carpet. Common types of carpet pile are uncut and cut. Uncut carpet pile is known as Berber pile, or loop pile. This type of carpet tends to be highly durable. They resist stains, are easy to clean, and are perfect for high traffic areas. Drawbacks include being less padding and soft as their counterparts. The loop may be a snagging hazard for small children and pets. Cut pile carpet produces a pleasant, soft appearance that is easy to clean. Different styles are created by changing shearing angles when slicing the loops. Other thread treatments are also applied before and after inserting them into the backing. Other styles available include Saxony, textured, frieze, and plush. Saxony and plush should be used in low-traffic areas. Textured carpet is suitable for mid to high-traffic. Frieze is used in high-traffic and commercial settings. All pile types and carpet fibers described here are available from First Class Flooring. Customers come from Henderson, Humboldt, Jackson, and Lexington to choose a carpet that meets their needs.