Reasons to choose sheet vinyl from first class flooring

Sheet vinyl is a flooring option that fits every décor and budget. Sheet vinyl is affordable, has long-lasting performance, durability, and style. When properly installed, sheet vinyl is extremely resistant to stains, scratches, and dents.

Today’s sheet vinyl flooring is available in many textures, patterns, and colors. Sheet vinyl feels and looks like tweeds, metals, leather, wood, stone, and a variety of other textures.

Nothing beats sheet vinyl when it is time to clean. To keep sheet vinyl floors sparkling, sweep regularly, and damp mop occasionally with floor care products. Advanced coatings create a barrier that protects against moisture, stains, scratches, and fading. Spills bead up and are easily wiped away.

Sheet vinyl is a most budget-friendly flooring option. Depending on the handyman skill level, it can be installed by do-it-yourselfers. Innovations in sheet vinyl include a fiberglass backing that has no adhesive. The installation process is referred to as ‘loose lay.’ Easy-to-install sheet vinyl allows beautifully patterned floors with alternating designs and colors to be created.

DIYers should be familiar with basic handyman tools and their use. There are different floor installation methods. Sheet vinyl is among the easiest to install. A beginner should be interested in renovating the home. He or she needs to have basic tools and an understanding of the methods used to install flooring. The projects done so far were completed quickly and easily in one day, such as installing window blinds or painting a bathroom. Without this basic skill set, installing sheet vinyl should be left to the experts.

Sheet vinyl is great flooring for an active household. Working mothers don’t have time to worry about flooring. Sheet vinyl comes in beautiful designs that look like real slate, ceramic, and natural stone without the drawbacks of the natural materials. Cushioned sheet vinyl is soft and comfortable underfoot. Mothers do not have to worry about babies crawling around on a hard, cold stone or wood floor. The cushioned sheet vinyl is comfortable to their little hands and feet. A protective layer resists stains that make spills easy to wipe clean.

The large selection of design choices, its softness, and durability that is easy to install, makes sheet vinyl from First Class Flooring the choice for customers from Lexington, Henderson, Humboldt, and Jackson. The First Class Flooring showroom is located in Jackson, TN.


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